Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 - Top Features!

We spent a day with devices powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855. Sponsored by Qualcomm.
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The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 powers most of the Android flagship devices in 2019 (including the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, OnePlus 7 Pro, LG G8, Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, ASUS ZenFone 6 and many more) enabling features such as 4K HDR video capture, 5G, Ultra-sonic 3D in-display fingerprint sensor, HDR gaming on mobile, Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive audio + more.
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  • Hope you guys enjoyed the different style of video! Let me know if you'd like to see more like this 👊🏽😎

    SuperSafSuperSafسنوات قبل
    • its not so great like all other vdo's of urs.. for me

      Nijil MohananNijil Mohananسنوات قبل
    • @SuperSaf Isn't Samsung s10 plus comses with Exynos 9820 not with SD855

      Mohit SiloriMohit Siloriسنوات قبل
    • SuperSaf Qualcomm Snapdragon the king of mobile chipsets imo !

      Shahzeb RajaShahzeb Rajaسنوات قبل
    • Top Fan On your Fb page sir Notice me😭😭😭😭😭😭🇵🇭

      Enrico NapalangEnrico Napalangسنوات قبل
    • hey saf please make a comparision video of REDMI K20 PRO VS ONE PLUS 7 PRO VS OPPO RENO 10X PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Chartered AccountantChartered Accountantسنوات قبل
  • Snapdragon 865 = 2020 3 × 3Ghz Special Kryo + 3 × 2,5Ghz Gold Kryo + 2 × 2,0Ghz Silver Kryo

    romulo13novoromulo13novo9 أشهر قبل
  • You made a good review and also displayed an awesome car!

    Alvin TungAlvin Tungسنوات قبل
  • Can you tell what the best camera smartphone ? For video and picture

    Ahmad Hakimi BaromAhmad Hakimi Baromسنوات قبل
  • And the redmi k20 pro which which is very close to 1/3 the price of the iPhone xs max

    Gaming HacksGaming Hacksسنوات قبل
  • Music name pliss

    Monika KumariMonika Kumariسنوات قبل
  • Flexing huh?, I got a maruti 800😤.

    Trick SwiftTrick Swiftسنوات قبل
  • Exynos such

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  • What's up guys. What's up guy. Rilum Osmanaj here. Hi.

    Rilum OsmanajRilum Osmanajسنوات قبل
  • Super saf im a top fan on your FB PAGE notice me sir.... ENRICO Napalang Real 😭😭😭😭

    Enrico NapalangEnrico Napalangسنوات قبل
  • loved this style of video, really fun and informative. Would love to see more like these :-)

    Chess ICTChess ICTسنوات قبل
  • Running the galaxy S10+ g9750 Hong Kong Snapdragon version and it's so much better than the exynos version. Samsung needs to ditch exynos

    Zahir MullaZahir Mullaسنوات قبل
  • ShamekaShamekaسنوات قبل
  • What was the secret?

    I LightenStar II LightenStar Iسنوات قبل
  • Best lookin Brussel sprout 2019

    Rui AbreuRui Abreuسنوات قبل
  • Love the video and love the drone shots too ❤

    ColinColinسنوات قبل
  • Exynos version is also very good

    As24 asAs24 asسنوات قبل
  • Worst looking display

    Pratap gPratap gسنوات قبل
  • BooredAtWork😁😁😁😁

    Ashutosh SinghAshutosh Singhسنوات قبل
  • Bro nice first entry

    Shohan HossainShohan Hossainسنوات قبل
  • Your seat is too low in your Porsche

    Wolffy640Wolffy640سنوات قبل
  • What is the video call app you used from the S10+?

    Nasser BogamiNasser Bogamiسنوات قبل
  • The whole video is an ad 😂

    Musharaf RahmanMusharaf Rahmanسنوات قبل
  • Your video now it's more a promotional video, talking about Qualcomm sponsor by Qualcomm

    Jayan CJayan Cسنوات قبل
  • I want Samsung note 10 with SD 855 in Asia because SD adreno is way better than mali in gaming.

    Son GokuSon Gokuسنوات قبل
  • I think he is regretting the expering of his license a lot now haha

    Concept CreatorConcept Creatorسنوات قبل
  • Superb do more of these

    Rahul **Rahul **سنوات قبل
  • the thumbnail is amazing!

    Samyak GadepalliSamyak Gadepalliسنوات قبل
  • Awsome concept 🔥

    ProfessorProfessorسنوات قبل
  • Those rims are ugly 🤢

    lvlvسنوات قبل
  • A 4:35 minute add. Great just what we all need.

    Lee UppertonLee Uppertonسنوات قبل
  • Let me tell you why x is great, thanks x for sponsoring. Shoutout to this brand and that brand. Where's the content all i see is ads.

    NommyNommyسنوات قبل
  • Almost thought that as a GT3RS because of the paint until I saw that it has 5 screws on it's wheel instead of center lock (and the name on the door makes it obvious enough)

    Gabriel EvanGabriel Evanسنوات قبل
  • Loved this collab, great editing, very crisp.

    Robert StothardRobert Stothardسنوات قبل
  • S10+ or oneplus7 pro??? Suggestions please

    tushar dessaitushar dessaiسنوات قبل
  • These style of video is awesome Super Saf it's amazing.. Keep up the good work.

    Shawn FaganShawn Faganسنوات قبل
  • Great video about nothing! (Still Thumbs up)

    Good guy GregGood guy Gregسنوات قبل
  • Watched this on my Galaxy s10. Great video @SuperSaf please make more videos like these.

    Anthony EastonAnthony Eastonسنوات قبل
  • I love this new special concept 👍👍👍👍👍

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  • Samsung galaxy s10 plus ❣️

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  • The Porsche is pulling away all my attention from 855😂😂😂

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  • Awesome green porsche car...🤩🤩

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  • Excelsior 😭😭😭😭stan lee

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  • What I'd like to know why is it only in the USA that get the SD855 chip on the S10+ but here in the UK (and everywhere else) we get the Exynos 9820 chip

    dansales247dansales247سنوات قبل
  • that thumbnail was beautiful

    Jeriali SJeriali Sسنوات قبل
  • What someone told me was to always skip the 1st generation of something in tech and mechanics

    Johann Nel369Johann Nel369سنوات قبل
  • Dem yellow dials tho.

    Trevor BeckettTrevor Beckettسنوات قبل
  • Giant ad...

    m_ita0m_ita0سنوات قبل
  • Why are some people still complaining Exynos vs Snapdragon? Like, the difference of speed is very very very not noticeable in real life. Exynos advantages: receives a loooot faster the updates Samsung gives for night mode, live focus and fingerprint recognition...

    Wal DoesWal Doesسنوات قبل
  • LOL is this video even necessary. We all know what it is, we all are using it.

    C7C7سنوات قبل
  • Samsung S10 + best

    Eldar HasanbegovicEldar Hasanbegovicسنوات قبل
  • Vote your favourite Car =like Phone=comment

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  • Awesome video 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  • Why does Samsung even have a Exynos version?! Why don't they just sell the Snapdragon version word wide? Throw away the Exynos version, destroy it.

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  • Sup Mister Saf man and everyone

    Those Who Bully Are CowardsThose Who Bully Are Cowardsسنوات قبل
  • Geez... you looked like my grandpa driving a Porsche! Hahaha!

    Lon DenardLon Denardسنوات قبل
  • Love it! Very different and not so typical.

    Rich RileyRich Rileyسنوات قبل
  • How did you get sd855 samsung phone in your country? Bloody fake advertisers.

    LASERLASERسنوات قبل
  • My country has the exynos version, well Redmi K20 Pro it is!

    Azam JamalAzam Jamalسنوات قبل
  • This type of video is entertaining and informative is some ways. I like it very much😍😍

    Orhan Et'hemiOrhan Et'hemiسنوات قبل
  • Nice car

    Drizzy FrizzyDrizzy Frizzyسنوات قبل
  • S10++

    channel youtubechannel youtubeسنوات قبل
  • still no idea who sponsored this. Qualcomm Romansinternational even..,UNlockr ??

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  • Yeah more like this but from Galaxy 😉 not from earth

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  • Nice video Saf. Different then the others. Keep it up

    Muhammad imranMuhammad imranسنوات قبل
  • A beast (855) within a beast (s10+)

    YouTube ShemYouTube Shemسنوات قبل
  • Saf here flexing on us with phones and cares we can't afford. I feel depressed now!

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalinسنوات قبل
  • I was thinking you will pick up Zach but still it was nice video oudoors in beautiful sunny day!

    G CNTechG CNTechسنوات قبل
    • Zach might have wanted to do a scratch test on the car lol

      SuperSafSuperSafسنوات قبل
  • Damnnn I love "different" .... make more of these : )

    EzekieloEzekieloسنوات قبل
  • Lit as fire.

    smart techsmart techسنوات قبل
  • You mean the exynos 9820, right?? *cries in european*

    snipestylsnipestylسنوات قبل
    • also Cries in INDIA

      Raj AjimRaj Ajimسنوات قبل
    • Cries in southeast Asian region

      Ahmad SufyanAhmad Sufyanسنوات قبل
    • Lol

      MetroIsHere YTMetroIsHere YTسنوات قبل
    • Unfortunate lol, the exynos used to be better!

      TrueLojicTrueLojicسنوات قبل
  • 2:00 the fact that he doesn’t use perfect nitro is bothering me

    Made WidianantaraMade Widianantaraسنوات قبل
  • How about the EXYNOS 9820 ??

    Michael WeesaMichael Weesaسنوات قبل
    • Exynos sucks besides the 855

      Sanjay SarkarSanjay Sarkarسنوات قبل
  • Watchig this video on my own Samsung Galaxy S10+ In my dreams😭😭

    KJBKJBسنوات قبل
  • Watching on my S10 prism green green 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    Zyan KhallZyan Khallسنوات قبل
  • Flexing on that trs

    day botday botسنوات قبل
  • Any suggestions for the best budget phones under £200/$250

    _Abir22_Abir22سنوات قبل
    • @MC Toy House Thinking of purchasing these phones; Oneplus 5, Redmi 7, Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. Still yet to choose

      _Abir22_Abir22سنوات قبل
    • @MC Toy House Calls,texts,social media consumption, light gaming.

      _Abir22_Abir22سنوات قبل
    • Today any phone is good as a phone - primary function - calls. For good answer would be great iff You concretise what exactly You would like to use that phone for.

      MC Toy HouseMC Toy Houseسنوات قبل
  • The Pixel 3a xl takes better pictures, with one lens, and half the price

    Florian MolnarFlorian Molnarسنوات قبل
    • I paid 900+ for a Note 9, and the excitement lasted for one week:)

      Florian MolnarFlorian Molnarسنوات قبل
    • Yeah, but it's just not an exciting phone tho🤷🏾‍♂️

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  • all new phones have issue with too much colour saturation in their camera, sometimes less sometimes more. This video is good example, car looks like somebody throw can of green paint and you don't see clearly all the details

    DiuranDiuranسنوات قبل
  • Team Samsung all the way all day

    BaracussBaracussسنوات قبل