iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus Camera Test Comparison

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Detailed Camera Comparison SuperSaf Style
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Comparing the selfie cameras, the 4K triple rear cameras, auto-focus, Portrait Mode, Slofies, Slow-Motion and Stereo Audio of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max for both video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.
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  • Hope you enjoyed the video #SuperSafStyle, I covered as much detail as I could. Timestamps below: 0:00 Front Cam Video (inc. Stabalization) 1:06 Rear Video (inc. Stabalization) 3:00 4K 60FPS Test 3:26 Low Light Video 3:51 Zoom-In Mic 3:34 Portrait Video 4:15 Auto Focus 4:35 Slow Motion 4:47 Live Focus Video 5:26 Slofies 5:40 Specs and Info 6:28 Rear Images (inc. Zoom + Ultrawide) 10:08 Portrait Mode 12:50 Low-Light 15:46 Selfies (inc. Portrait + Low Light) 20:00 Conclusion & Final Thoughts

    SuperSafSuperSaf9 أشهر قبل
    • make a comparison between the sony xperia 1 mark 2 and the iphone 11 pro max and make a fair one this time and not like the xperia 1 vs samsung one !

      Abdullah El HashimyAbdullah El Hashimyأشهر قبل
    • On the note turn beauty mode off should help a decent amount if it ain't already off

      Coltin FredrickColtin Fredrick4 أشهر قبل
    • Dawda Bah I have both phones butttt I like the Samsun way better too

      MerrickCamo520MerrickCamo5205 أشهر قبل
    • SuperSaf I’m broke give me one of them 😂

      Laurain RoxLaurain Rox6 أشهر قبل
    • شكراااااا لك متابعتك من السعوديه 🇸🇦😍♥️♥️♥️

      Mariam AlshamriMariam Alshamri7 أشهر قبل
  • Galaxy is the best

    Dandy NganaDandy Ngana39 دقائق قبل
  • I watch this on my 11 promax And I am happy with my purchase 😎🤙🏽

    PETE MPETE M6 أيام قبل
  • i want to switch to samsung so bad my boyfriend had the note 9 and their truly just better phones like i’m over apple

    kaela gajdemskikaela gajdemski15 أيام قبل
  • Note 10+

    M. gurerrM. gurerr16 أيام قبل
  • I love my note10 plus a lot of activities and i enjoy it,,,,,

    music#nature soundmusic#nature sound16 أيام قبل
  • Samsung annihilates iPhone!

    Karo KoivistoKaro Koivisto16 أيام قبل
  • iPhone is better

    hassan mansarayhassan mansaray22 أيام قبل
  • front cam: iphone win, rear cam: same thing

    BluedotBluedot23 أيام قبل
  • Note 10 plus are good

    Fazal MahboobFazal Mahboob26 أيام قبل
  • Note 10 got smashed

    Shadow BRPShadow BRP27 أيام قبل
  • Canon or jvc or sony cameras kill both...maybe

    Cjon wickhamCjon wickham27 أيام قبل
  • My sister used Iphone and i used Samsung. We're best friend and family. Why are some people start attacking ? Though, i prefer Samsung more than Iphone. Idk, i just love Samsung 😅🤭🤭🤦‍♂️

    Alfiyan IsBoredAlfiyan IsBoredأشهر قبل
  • It seems Galaxy Note 10 is better 😝😍

    FeelGood WithinFeelGood Withinأشهر قبل
  • Coming from Note 9, which was horrible, and going to iPhone 11 Pro Max (coming tomorrow). I liked the quality of video and photos of iPhone

    Stephanie McKaskleStephanie McKaskleأشهر قبل
  • iphone.

    Yuliia BaklitskaYuliia Baklitskaأشهر قبل
  • note 10+ 🌟kings🌟

    Ardit MuharremiArdit Muharremiأشهر قبل
  • The portrait bokeh on Samsung is so fake

    Alvin LimAlvin Limأشهر قبل
  • There is no comparison clearly Samsung Galaxy note 10 batter than iphone

    hd videoshd videosأشهر قبل
  • On Note 10+ u look a white man kkkkkk Samsung messed it up! :(

    Carlos GomesCarlos Gomesأشهر قبل
  • Samsung sab ka baap ha bhi💪❤

    Ruhaan ArshadRuhaan Arshadأشهر قبل
  • The question is, why are you wearing two watches? 🤔

    Special ForcesSpecial Forcesأشهر قبل
  • note 10 so better

    Hivva FpvHivva Fpvأشهر قبل
  • Awesome video! I have seen so many comparison videos between the 10 Note Plus V the iPhone 11 pro max and every time the iPhone has "won". I think it's because the youtubers are biased and are Apple fans, however the note has killed the iphone in this video. I'm getting the Note 10 plus next week. Again awesome video! Thank you :)

    liam Sullivanliam Sullivanأشهر قبل
  • Overall winner Samsung

    anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwaryanowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwaryأشهر قبل
  • Samsung sound good vedeo

    anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwaryanowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwaryأشهر قبل
  • Samsung not 10+ winner

    anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwaryanowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwaryأشهر قبل
  • that iphone front camera is no joke. Wow

    Adam LeonAdam Leonأشهر قبل
  • Very nice comparison Saf, thanks! If you could also include another phone like the Mate 30 Pro in the review, it would give us a better idea of camera qualities between the top manufacturers (which I think are Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, and maybe even the OnePlus). Also, more night time comparison shots would be greatly appreciated!

    NMH AlumniNMH Alumniأشهر قبل
  • This video was really helpful, thanks for doing the comparison for us.

    Todd Lincoln RichardsTodd Lincoln Richardsأشهر قبل
  • Video on iphone 11 pro max is astonishing man! Stabilization is super without a mode like in the note!! Iphone nailed it

    francis richardfrancis richardأشهر قبل
  • Because of that slow-fie, you have secured my like!

    Beermat HuangBeermat Huangأشهر قبل
  • Iphone 11 pro max gold

    Check AmineCheck Amine2 أشهر قبل
  • iphone leave the group

    acidburnacidburn2 أشهر قبل
  • the galaxy is amazing!!

    Sr MuffinSr Muffin2 أشهر قبل
  • Note 10+ has been absolutely destroyed in video

    Qalamiti • 6 лет назад____________Qalamiti • 6 лет назад____________2 أشهر قبل
  • I love samsung ofc it's an asian made, and am asian, features packed but I dont like the skin tone.. It looks so pale and soft. Iphone has the best camera, almost close to DSLR

    Denise VictorinoDenise Victorino2 أشهر قبل
  • iphones colours are way off in video mode but not on the samsung and as for still images samsung wins, iphones are not that great i have compared both together and the samsung wins hands down plus apple are just the same every year plus there ios needs a huge revamp as its getting to old and out of fashion.

    T4M3W0LFT4M3W0LF2 أشهر قبل
  • if samsung image is good the the iphone image looks more natural colour, and so and so

    moment photosmoment photos2 أشهر قبل
  • i am using iphone and struggling a lot while using watsup and fb ,many features not flexible in watsup in iphone only for camera why should go for iphone

    moment photosmoment photos2 أشهر قبل
  • Galaxy note is always amazing but I’m very happy with my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    Captain StarCaptain Star2 أشهر قبل
  • viral481.com/srv.html?id=5490721&pub=1042977 Vinn en iPhone 11

    Mohamed GhilasseneMohamed Ghilassene2 أشهر قبل
  • Note 10 plus ! Better overall.... Plus un dont need to pay any shit! And u can use sd card..(ut to 1 tb) .. So u can use that 4 k video recording ..more than 10 minute !! + S Pen ..... + Better desigh ..... No NOTCH 😹 in 2020!

    C GC G2 أشهر قبل
  • bravo

    Saleo IljaziSaleo Iljazi2 أشهر قبل
  • Super sad trying real hard to sell iPhone pro max. When Note is showing warmer color it ain’t NATURAL to him however when iPhone does the same....it’s DYNAMIC. Double standards.

    Vinit Kumar SinghVinit Kumar Singh2 أشهر قبل
  • Note 10 plus

    rasel biswasrasel biswas2 أشهر قبل
  • Snapdragon or exynos?

    Mohammad Niaz MorshedMohammad Niaz Morshed2 أشهر قبل
  • Note10 plus Snapdragon or Exynos??

    Rajesh RanaRajesh Rana2 أشهر قبل
  • Sometimes here in Africa we just look at the good staff produced in the first class countries that we can’t literally afford 😓😥😢

    Matiop AndreMatiop Andre2 أشهر قبل
  • Is there a night mode on the iPhone front facing cameras?

    Paulo Henrique NovaisPaulo Henrique Novais2 أشهر قبل
  • Lifelong android user here, awaiting iphone 12 as could possibly be the perfect device imo.

    Willow McGregorWillow McGregor2 أشهر قبل
  • Your comments says that you are Iphone user 🤣

    N VN V2 أشهر قبل
  • For me note 10+ won

    Ibrahim JallohIbrahim Jalloh2 أشهر قبل
  • I started watching in 480p, and I was wondering why they are so ugly 😄

    Dawid ChmielDawid Chmiel2 أشهر قبل
  • As a samsung users, I think that the Iphone has a way better camera. The Note's camera is way too Saturated, and gets dark too fast. Plus it doesn't as much detail.

    sage tuckersage tucker2 أشهر قبل
  • Bottom line , Notes back camera is better than the iphone but the iphones front camera is better .

    M SafadiM Safadi2 أشهر قبل
  • note 10 plus for me..

    ro marro mar3 أشهر قبل
  • Eu amo a apple, amo seus recursos, otimizações mas, nn consigo ficar com um ios pelo fato de ser muito privado. Gosto de um sistema livre, com menas "frescuras". Acredito eu que os android tenham mais recursos...

    Jaco JoseJaco Jose3 أشهر قبل
  • I phone is i phone

    Harman sidhuHarman sidhu3 أشهر قبل
  • iphone is better but samsung is more beautiful than iphone in style and shape.. so these small deterrence isn't too importanat to buy samsung not 10+.

    Luqman tahir AbdullahLuqman tahir Abdullah3 أشهر قبل
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    paper ppaper p3 أشهر قبل
  • Hi witch mobile have bether camera note 10 plus of iphone 11 for you

    Elvis FerhatovicElvis Ferhatovic3 أشهر قبل
  • SAMSUNG is the better because...

    purana namepurana name3 أشهر قبل
  • 1:09 look at the sun Iphone is much better

    MosqueMosque3 أشهر قبل
  • How does a engine start?? Ans:-5:34

    op bitchop bitch3 أشهر قبل
  • Best real world comparison I have seen. This helped me out a lot!

    Ryno BonesRyno Bones3 أشهر قبل
  • Great video

    You Tuberi VlonjatYou Tuberi Vlonjat3 أشهر قبل
  • I'm one of those people who switched from iPhone to samsung after using apple for years and years and I didn't regret it ever. BUT I wish I had the camera of the iPhone on a samsung, the pictures are so stunning, I love it 😢 I think apple should start inventing own cameras hahaha

    IzamiyabiIzamiyabi3 أشهر قبل
  • Iphone is just YELLOW.

    bnzlryjbnzlryj3 أشهر قبل
  • Iphone did better

    Jefferson DomingoJefferson Domingo3 أشهر قبل
  • Note 10 + better

    EdPa78EdPa783 أشهر قبل
  • Iphone is kabard

    inder palinder pal3 أشهر قبل
  • Samsung S 20 plus vs Iphone 11 pro please. I will soon buy one..

    Erik PallesenErik Pallesen3 أشهر قبل
  • Note 10 plus is the best

    mia hongriamia hongria3 أشهر قبل
  • IPhone win

    SaleM Al GhamdiSaleM Al Ghamdi4 أشهر قبل
  • Iphone 11 pro max is the best❤❤

    CHAKA CARLA14CHAKA CARLA144 أشهر قبل
  • Iphone camera is way too warm .. too much tanning

    Kesha JohnsonKesha Johnson4 أشهر قبل
  • Skin tone Samsung: pale Iphone: true to color Place of origin Samsung: where more people prefer paler skin Iphone: neutral or some/more prefer sun-kissed skin

    Jullience MJullience M4 أشهر قبل
  • Sophisticated review. A no matched for criticism

    ken bonaken bona4 أشهر قبل
  • Good review 👍

    Muhammad Usama WajidMuhammad Usama Wajid4 أشهر قبل